SRII Special Interest Group on Knowledge-Intensive Service Systems

Knowledge-Intensive Service Systems (KISS)

KISS: Strategy

The KISS SIG main strategic objective is to build an active community of researchers and practitioners interested in Knowledge Intensive Service Systems. Particularly, we are interested in looking at how KIS firms help their clients with their innovation processes and how the interaction with clients helps KIS firms to improve their own innovation processes.

The SIG strategy will include targeting the development of appropriate case studies and exemplars of good practice demonstrating how KIS firms contribute to wealth creation. The SIG strategy will also address the role of KIS firms in regional, national and globalised innovation systems and their role as facilitator, carrier, source and co-producer of such systems . As part of this strategy, studies will also analyse socio-economic data at firm and industry level, investigating trends and policies and recommending ways to look forward. We also expect the SIG to contribute expanding and further consolidating the theoretical foundations of the area of knowledge-intensive services. This SIG will look at how KISS affect innovation processes in different ways and how their use varies across sectors and across time both on the supply side and the demand side.