Download SSME Bluerint and presentations


SSME Blueprint

The two documents below set out the findings from the September and November conferences in relation to SSME education.

The first document is called Establishing SSME as a new academic discipline: A Blueprint for UK SSME Education . The purpose of this document is to present the results of a consultation process involving members of the UK SSME network and the wider academic and business community

The document is structured against a seven point framework which represents the key questions asked by university approval committees for new academic programmes. It is our intention to make the task of introducing new programmes easier for university professors by providing a collective view of the answers to these questions. It is not our intention to provide detailed curriculum design and content because beyond the core curriculum each university will respond to industry needs according to their specific areas of expertise. The document also contains a review of over 25 current SSME university programmes for reference.

The second docment is called A Framework for Service Science Curricula.The purpose of this document is to set out the views of leading business Service Science advocates in relation to curricula.

The document describes the background and context in which the skills are required, and lays out a generic model describing the type and breadth of skills, and will also list the specific skills in five groups. The intended audience of the document is UK academia and the objective is to increase the number of courses providing graduates with skills matching both the spirit and the specifics of Service Science.